Retail shop fitting and design

Our company provides a complete strategic solution that supports your brand effort from design concept to logistics and build out, and ongoing maintenance. 

We provide bespoke interior design solutions in a wide array of corporate workplace and retail environments: shops and shopping centers, restaurants and bars, offices and showrooms, car dealerships and exhibition pavilions. 

Main task is to work collaboratively with our Clients to deliver customer-centric experiences that will deliver outstanding return on investment. 

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 Scope of our services:

 We produce:

Decoration  Decoration  Decoration  Decoration

Shops  Shops  Shops  Shops

Office  Office  Office  Office

Furniture  Furniture  Furniture  Furniture

Info  Info  Info  Info

Shells  Shells  Shells  Shells

Range of performed work:

Turnaround time:

Costs of a turnkey store design project depends on a wide range of different variables that you can discuss in details with our experts. Phone: +371 26407253, e-mail:

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